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About Me

A mixture of new and old school.

What's the story?

If you told me seven years ago my focus would be print design, I'd have called you crazy. I had aspirations of becoming an audio engineer. I wanted to create innovative sounds, work with fresh-faced musicians, and sit behind a humongous soundboard. Then I discovered Adobe Flash. It drew me in. There was something about the way it seamlessly tied together my creative and analytical aspirations. I decided to switch focus.

Fast forward a few years. There I was, about to graduate. I was several years deep into learning the intricacies of Flash. Apple announced that they were no longer going to support Flash on their mobile devices. Flash had effectively died. I scrambled to find an eloquent solution to my problem.

Graduation came and went. I expanded on my education in the years following: I absorbed design books; I learned how to code from scratch; I kept up with the ever-changing tech sphere. For whatever reason, though, I continued finding print design jobs almost exclusively.

Print design just didn't seem to scratch my creative itch. I decided to rent an art studio and use it as a multi-purpose space. Design work for the practical side of things, and less structured artistic pursuits when I had the time. Eventually, those experiments took precedence over my design work. I started drawing on a daily basis. I acquired a large format printer and a color workflow solution. I started dancing on a regular basis and have become more than proficient. I am a percussionist. I create costumes.

Having creative license for years has been and will continue to be a great experience. It was nice to go off the beaten path for a few years, and I have learned an extensive amount of skills. Things are coming full circle at this point, and I'm ready to meld together the new school with the old school.
“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
Douglas Adams