RPAN TodayLand

RPAN TodayLand

A Live Streaming Music Festival for Charity

A Tongue-in-Cheek Play on the TomorrowLand Festival

TodayLand was conceptualised by one person and then grew into a behemoth of an undertaking. I came along and offered to create branding elements, and ended up doing what is common in any non-profit or start-up type environment: anything I was capable of doing. I was a first and foremost a graphic designer for the festival which was hosted on Reddit.com’s live streaming platform known as Reddit Public Access Network, or RPAN.

I created a cohesive brand: a logo, elements for social media, flyers, and graphical overlays for the performers. I worked in tandem with another artist who created artworks of fantastical landscapes with subwoofers and speakers.

I was also able to give feedback and input on the technical capabilities of Reddit’s streaming platform, and set standards for all performers to follow in order to create the best visual and audio quality possible.

We initially planned on a fundraising goal of around $1000, and continued to push that number, thinking we would raise around $3000 to $4000. At the end of the festival we had amassed over $6000 in donations for Doctors Without Borders.

Applehead City Pet

Applehead City Pet

Packaging + Signage + Staging

Ethical Pet Products for Mindful Pet Parents

My work with Applehead City Pet has been a consistently engaging, stressful, and rewarding experience. Applehead’s previous designer had an overfull plate, and I happened to appear at just the right point in time.

With convention season on the horizon, labels and packaging needed to be be brought up to snuff, and new designs needed to be created. I was unfamiliar with the product lines, I had very little experience with packaging design, but I was eager to pounce on the projects.

After a few stumbles, I eventually caught my stride and started to recreate all of the designs with InDesign rather than Illustrator. Time was of the essence, and I knew that properly built InDesign files would allows projects to come in and go out more expediently than their Illustrator counterparts. The work was engaging, and learning how to use the vinyl printer & die-cutter at the Cincinnati Public Library’s Makerspace was a lot of fun.

In addition to the labels, I was also tasked with creating signage for a few of the holiday shows. This bit wasn’t so new to me. I’ve created signage and tags for my own art openings, and knew that simplicity would be the key to success. All of this needed to be kept on-brand, but I put a fresh spin on things by utilising the brand typefaces & colours.

Culture Monster

Culture Monster

Minimal to the max.

I met David Donnelly while working at the Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts. He’s a creative soul with a very particular aesthetic. He could picture what he wanted in his mind’s eye, but it sometimes took some back and forth to truly amplify what he wanted to convey. What I came to find out, is that he has an eye for minimalism. The less to distract from the message, the better. He wanted the aesthetic of his website and brand to match the tone of the films and documentaries he has crafted.