RPAN TodayLand

RPAN TodayLand

A Live Streaming Music Festival for Charity

A Tongue-in-Cheek Play on the TomorrowLand Festival

TodayLand was conceptualised by one person and then grew into a behemoth of an undertaking. I came along and offered to create branding elements, and ended up doing what is common in any non-profit or start-up type environment: anything I was capable of doing. I was a first and foremost a graphic designer for the festival which was hosted on Reddit.com’s live streaming platform known as Reddit Public Access Network, or RPAN.

I created a cohesive brand: a logo, elements for social media, flyers, and graphical overlays for the performers. I worked in tandem with another artist who created artworks of fantastical landscapes with subwoofers and speakers.

I was also able to give feedback and input on the technical capabilities of Reddit’s streaming platform, and set standards for all performers to follow in order to create the best visual and audio quality possible.

We initially planned on a fundraising goal of around $1000, and continued to push that number, thinking we would raise around $3000 to $4000. At the end of the festival we had amassed over $6000 in donations for Doctors Without Borders.

BNL Consulting

BNL Consulting

Illustration, Animation, and Print Design to Generate New Business

A Mix of Artistic Expression and Practical Print Design for Content Marketing and Business Leads

At BNL Consulting, I was responsible for creating print documents that represented the company’s capabilities for both government and commercial clients. In essence, the documents are used as the company’s “resume” during sales meetings to land new business.

I also created imagery for the company’s blog, which houses content marketing articles that are both informative and used to showcase how the company uses new technology. The ultimate goal was to generate new business leads or create viral content that would eventually reach the right set of eyes. 

I also created of a number of animated GIFs which kept in line with the company’s aesthetic and appealed to geek culture.