Applehead City Pet

Applehead City Pet

Packaging + Signage + Staging

Ethical Pet Products for Mindful Pet Parents

My work with Applehead City Pet has been a consistently engaging, stressful, and rewarding experience. Applehead’s previous designer had an overfull plate, and I happened to appear at just the right point in time.

With convention season on the horizon, labels and packaging needed to be be brought up to snuff, and new designs needed to be created. I was unfamiliar with the product lines, I had very little experience with packaging design, but I was eager to pounce on the projects.

After a few stumbles, I eventually caught my stride and started to recreate all of the designs with InDesign rather than Illustrator. Time was of the essence, and I knew that properly built InDesign files would allows projects to come in and go out more expediently than their Illustrator counterparts. The work was engaging, and learning how to use the vinyl printer & die-cutter at the Cincinnati Public Library’s Makerspace was a lot of fun.

In addition to the labels, I was also tasked with creating signage for a few of the holiday shows. This bit wasn’t so new to me. I’ve created signage and tags for my own art openings, and knew that simplicity would be the key to success. All of this needed to be kept on-brand, but I put a fresh spin on things by utilising the brand typefaces & colours.