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Constella Festival

Classy as classical can be.

Like Music to Your Eyes

My experience with Constella was my first real foray into the non-profit world. Despite coming on as a graphic designer, I quickly learned that any talents I had would be put to good use. I helped redesign the website, and cross-promoted with social media, print media, and the occasional e-blast. I was also responsible for technical administrative tasks: web hosting, domain name registration, Google Suite, and analytics.

On the design side, what was especially important was keeping things legible for a slightly older crowd. It was a fine line balancing designs for a classical music festival with something more modern; I pared down something traditionally geared towards older folks into a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

While the festival has since dissipated, I imagine Constella will be reinvigorated at some point in the future. Its founder, Tatiana Berman, is a classically trained violinist and still active in the classical music scene.