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Print Explorations (2012)

Experimentation with gestalt psychology and minimalism

Design for Design's Sake

How does one decide upon presenting themselves? I entered the creation of this book blindly. As I progressed, however, it became apparent that every piece was somehow an extension of my psyche.

The goal of this portfolio is to give you a glimpse behind my thought process. In brief, I looked at my original designs, discovered what I had learned, and then created companion pieces to further elaborate those concepts.

While design’s foundations may lie in objectivity, the end result is always going to be subject to scrutiny. In essence, having a good handle on the principles of design does not guarantee everyone will enjoy your work as much as you do. This cannot be emphasized enough.

On that note, my designs draw heavily from Gestalt psychology to engage. Designs which leave perception out of the viewer’s control (such as with closure) draw attention. Negative space is a misnomer.